Vendor Risk Assessments by MPC

Verify™ VRA: Canada's Best Source for Third-Party Privacy Assessments

Why Does Supplier Privacy Matter?

Canadian privacy legislation ensures that companies that collect and store personal information and customer data are accountable for privacy breaches and information security incidents. Failing to secure your supply chain comes with severe financial and reputational risk.

Systematic Assessments

If you share customer data with a third party or trust a vendor to collect personal information, they need to show you proof of a mature privacy management program.

Verified Responses

Our Verify™ Vendor Risk Assessment (VRA) ensures that vendor claims are verified, tested and validates to protect your organization from breaches and failures of accountability.

Expert Support

Certified privacy experts conduct Verify™ Vendor Risk Assessment (VRA) with the highest levels of professionalism & integrity, providing support and assistance to everyone involved in managing personal information (PII).